May 9, 2016

Architectural lighting at the Motte Rouge bridge in Nantes


Eclairage LED - Pont de la Motte Rouge à Nantes

LED tubes deliver easy installation and optimal rendering

After two years of rework, the bridge of La Motte Rouge is back in place in the Nantes landscape. Among the renovated facilities, lighting of the metallic structure was particularly improved and integrates ACTiLED technology with LED tubulars of 40mm and 20mm diameter. Featuring LED modules with direct 230V supply, these tubulars are particularly compact and provides a perfect highlight for such an architecture.

See local media (French): Presse OcéanOuest France.

The LED tubes offer a major benefit of an integrated electronics that do not require additional external supply. Often LED tubes require a power ballast to be added on one end of the tube, which limits the effective illumination length, or they must be connected to an external power supply.

The ACTiLED solutions helps to overcome these constraints and get a tube that provides uniform illumination over the whole length and can be installed easily with a simple power connection. Certified IP66 / IK10, these tube are sealed and robust and empower the creativity of architects and lighting designers to offer optimal solutions to installators.

While the LALT40 40mm diameter tubular provides a powerful flux of more than 3700 lumen per meter, the new LALT20 20mm diameter tubular develops a flux of 1500 lumens per meter and pushes the limits of to fit into tiny environments. These tubulars are available in various lengths ranging from 30cm to 2m, meeting a variety of use cases.