Retrofit, relamping : renovate your luminaires instead of replacing

An eco-responsible approach

Reducing energy consumption and materials use, promoting sustainable solutions, are now commonly integrated in all economic and environmental considerations.

Relamping or retrofit of luminaire naturaly fits in the approach allowing to modernize a lighting system by replacing light sources that became obsolete, s’inscrit dans cette logique et permet de moderniser un système d’éclairage par le remplacement des sources lumineuses obsolètes, defective or energy-inefficient.

LED technology

Over the pasted years, the LED technolgy has established itself as a major mean to reduce electrical consumption, with up to 80% savings compared to incandescent bulbs.

Relamping can sometimes get to simply replace an old bulb by a LED-based bulb, making sure that lighting parameters, angles, flux, color temperatures, etc. would stay similar. Although requirements can be far more complex.

Economical approach

Often the need for renovation is linked to degradation or failure of the electronic ballast or an feature that requires a complete change. The replacement of the luminaire is sometimes the solution to meet the constraints that may have evolved, but it is costly and often requires heavy work. A retrofit scenario may be relevant and provide significant benefits.

Assessing the need: a milestone towards a customized solution.

A careful specification of needs and wishes is a major step to consider a retrofit scenario. It helps to identifie appropriate technical options to achieve objectives in terms of performance, cost, maintenance cost and operating cost.